This stunning series of digital artworks are a tribute to Tomasz Majewski’s favourite movie heroes. As a child brought up in the 90s, in blockbusters’ era, Tomasz wanted to be just like those silver screen heroes.

Each piece and the graphic technique it was prepared in, depicts unique character of a hero. The protagonists which Tomasz has chosen inspire him and fuel his everyday life and so he decided to dedicate his diploma work to them.

To see more of Tomasz Majewski’s work, click here.

Dude The Big Lebowski Illustration Travis Bickle Taxi Driver Illustration Tony Montana Scarface Illustration T-800 The Terminator Illustration Sonny Crocket Miami Vice Illustration Memphis Gone In Sixty Seconds Illustration Mart McFly Back To The Future Illustration John McClane Die Hard II Illustration John J Rambo Rambo II Illustration Henry Walton J Jones Indianna Jones Illustration Ellen Ripley Alien Tribute Illustration

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