Dark Fantasy Horsemen Wallpaper by Digital Art

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Heidi Chewning

Heidi Chewning

4 years ago

Brigham Young University Broadcasting is interested in using a photo of the fantasy horsemen charging toward a battle in our docudrama about Joan of Arc. Are you the copyright owner? Or do you know who is? Will you contact me to discuss?



4 years ago

Hi there, I believe the artist in questions is Lin Wenjun. You can contact him via his website: http://juncart.artp.cc/about_en We hope that helps!

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Dark Fantasy Horsemen Wallpaper

by Digital Art

Dark Fantasy Horsemen Wallpaper. Here's an awesome digital painting of fantasy horsemen charging towards a battle. It's a very dark and ominous painting, but showcases how well digital painting has progressed with its detailed strokes.

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