Light Years by Dmitri Cherniak

Light Years consists of 100 unique NFT artworks by Dmitri Cherniak, each complemented by a physical silver gelatin print.

The artworks were developed iteratively as the artist Dmitri Cherniak traveled around the globe researching László Moholy-Nagy with the support of his estate. When asked how Moholy-Nagy’s work inspired Dmitri, he said the following:

“Moholy-Nagy is a pioneering artist, thinker, and educator that I admired well before Light Years was conceived, so when I was given the opportunity to dig into his archives and writings I jumped at the opportunity.”

Dmitri Cherniak

Each edition was created by a code-based generative system, then hand-prepared, printed to a film negative that was used to develop the image as a silver gelatin print. In the below video you can pick up a few nuggets on how a generative artist deconstructs artworks and thinks about constraints for the code.

There are 100 unique NFT artworks, each complemented by a physical silver gelatin print. You can view the entire collection in the Gallery.

Here’s some information on the auction mechanics. To collect one of the 100 Light Years artworks you first needed to buy a Selection Pass. The Selection Passes were auctioned online on Thu 1st Dec 2022 in form of a dutch auction, meaning the price decreases over time. The starting was 70 ETH and it dropped by 0.2 ETH every 12 seconds.

Since the auction is over you can pick up Light Years Light Years by Dmitri Cherniak on secondary marketplace OpenSea here.

Dmitri Cherniak is a Canadian artist and coder currently living in New York. There have been numerous exhibitions of his generative art around the globe. In addition, Dmitri has immersed himself in the NFT space and has released several collections through Art Blocks. This includes Ringers (2021), The Eternal Pump (2021), and The Wrapture (2021).

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