Pursuit by Per Kristian Stoveland

Learn about the creative process behind “Pursuit” and “Echo of Intensity”, the new collections by Per Kristian Stoveland for the Velocity Series by Oracle Red Bull Racing and Bybit.

Molded by the iconic design language of race circuits, Pursuit embodies the rhythm and rush of racetrack intricacies. Its visual narrative emulates the spectral beauty of open shutter captures, where night’s stillness is punctuated by streaks of light.

Velocity Series artist Per Kristian Stoveland

When given the chance to create art for the Velocity series, Per embarked on a journey of inspiration, turning to Pinterest to curate a mood board. Initial concepts revolved around sci-fi themes like escape velocity, space, and spaceships. However, as the creative process unfolded, he was drawn towards the allure of open-shutter night photography. Merging his passion for landscapes with the dynamism of velocity and the thrill of Formula 1 racing, he aimed to create a vivid landscape representation.

Crafting art often entails the challenge of translating one’s vivid mental visualizations into tangible reality. For this project, conceptualising the initial idea spanned a couple of weeks, with an additional few weeks dedicated to developing a proof of concept.

A signature element in his art is the striking juxtaposition of profound darkness against radiant streaks of light. Drawing inspiration from the atmospheric contrasts of Norway—a land of prolonged winters and enveloping darkness—he aims to evoke deep-seated emotions in those who experience his art. The intrinsic value of light in these conditions, both for its aesthetic and well-being attributes, deeply influences his work.

As the project came to life, it became a testament to his evolving artistic inspiration, effectively intertwining his creative sensibilities with the exhilarating world of Formula 1.

Exploring Landscape Racing Concepts

Per began by examining an authentic Formula 1 track, breaking it down into various components such as curves, chicanes, and parabolic turns, aiming to devise a trait system to guide the viewer’s perception. Landscapes have always enthralled him, which led him to employ his landscape generator for this endeavor.

Initial landscape sketches

The project’s early stages saw Per sketching random lines across the landscape, conceptualizing them as traces left by a racer. These lines would later be refined to look as though they emanated light, adding a dynamic element.

A recurring motif in his work is the unique texture that dots impart. Throughout the creation process, Per juggles various elements simultaneously, be it color schemes, functional aspects, or the sheer aesthetic. Iterative experimentation is the key, with every phase building on its predecessor.

While he toyed with the idea of utilizing palettes from prior projects, like “The Harvest“, he soon realized the need for a different color approach to capture the essence of speed and luminescence. Navigating challenges such as ensuring the lines authentically interacted with the landscape and crafting a balanced composition became pivotal.

Towards the end, Per’s focus shifted to gradients, allowing colors to seamlessly transition along the lines, giving the desired finish to his masterpiece.

Creating Natural Race Courses

In creating the art for the Velocity Series, terrain and courses took precedence. Per initiated by generating the landscape, followed by designing the racecourses, and then unifying them. For a harmonious blend, a masking effect ensured a flattened terrain beneath the race lines, leading to a cohesive, organic look.

Per’s attention then shifted to composition. Course structures like chicanes, straights, and parabolicas were determined prior to algorithmic formation. Coupled with dark backgrounds inspired by his color studies, the compositions were centered yet diverse.

Gradients painted the lights, given an extra touch with dotted details. Per encountered the complexity of making dust appear realistically dispersed during turns. However, after some recalculations, a convincing dust effect was realized.

Final outputs from the Pursuit Collection

The project’s concluding phase involved refining various elements to achieve diverse outputs. Per’s satisfaction came when his creation evoked that profound sense of wonder – a marker of success. Interestingly, the end product, rich in detail, was a refined version of his primary vision.

Echo of Intensity (Open Edition)

Per also crafted a special piece titled “Echo of Intensity” for Velocity Pass holders, diverging from the darkness in “Pursuit” to focus on a brighter theme.

Final outputs from the Echoes of Intensity collection

Drawn to an image’s energy, he zoomed into its corner and felt it needed amplification. Aiming for uniformity yet uniqueness for each token, he infused it with shadows and intensity. The project allowed for multiple unique creations in a limited time, introducing an element of rarity reminiscent of Per’s childhood love for collecting rare cards and game items. Previously, during “The Harvest,” he actually pondered a zoomed-in approach already, making this project an apt revisit.

Transitioning from conventional art forms in 2021, Per embraced the world of NFTs and coding, guided by fxhash. The unpredictable yet controlled nature of using the Art Blocks engine transformed his artistry, making the platform feel like home. Through it, Per learned to relinquish exact expectations, letting coding anomalies inspire new directions in his artistic journey.

The mint is over, but you can always get Pursuit and Echoes of Intensity on secondary markets.

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